03/19 the second topping-out ceremony this month. the body shell of the apartment building "Bergstraße" in Mauthausen was completed at the end of march. a familiar ceremony with workers and constructor representatives took place on top of the building. the following dinner at Mauthausens Donauhof was excellent!

03/19 in march the place to be was the topping-out ceremony of the second section of project Haselweg in Luftenberg. Robert Oberleitner (CEO Neue Heimat), building constructor Franz Hentschläger and mayor Hilde Prandner took part and were astonished of the construction Progress.

11/18 the hand-over of keys for the first section of our housing-project in luftenberg took place in november. in a feastful ambience political representatives such as mayor Hilde Prandner and member of the provincial government Manfred Haimbuchner congratulated the new owners  Neue Heimat-CEO Robert Oberleitner was proud!

10/18 office building and construction hall. a fast growing company confides in us and ordered the drawings for its building-extensions. large office-spaces on the one hand and extended production-hall on the other are going to be placed in lower austrias St. Valentin. building permissions should be in the next few month, so ready for takeoff!

09/18 luxury family home with great views! a luxurious home in a privileged location should raise the next view years in linz. modern architecture with large surfaces of glass, stunning views over the city of linz, close to nature, highest quality - just some of the characteristics to mention. we´re feeling honored to work on this project!

08/18 housing complex in schwertberg is going to be released! we´re pleased to present our brand new drafts of overall 34 apartments in schwertberg. we confidently hope, that the development of this project proceeds as fast as it started, so that the flats with their large terraces, loggias and outer spaces can be built soon! More Infos here.

07/18 competition "official building langenstein" 2nd place! our office took part in the competition for the new official building and main square in the center of langenstein. between others we surprisingly won the second price! this result is valued as a nice success we can be proud of! see you at the next competition! further informations here.

06/18 unexpected growth! our new project in upper-austrias pregarten is up to be developed. surprisingly a second stage of construction has been included the last few weeks. so it´s been grown from 18 apartments to overall 33 flats with basement-garage. at this moment the community of pregarten is supporting the project and so we´re optimistic to reach building-permission next year. for more Infos click here!

05/18 surprise, surprise! the consulting commitee for architecture in leonding waved through our project "Hainzenbachstraße". overall five flats will be built in an extraordinary location near the city-center. each of them with large terraces, outer spaces and basement garage. start of construction should be in early 2019 and finalization with handing over estimated in autumn 2020. more informations to get here.

04/18 heightening linz/reindlstraße. the city of linz switched on the green light for our new project in linz-urfahr. an existing building with two floors should be heightened up to four floors and an additional attic floor. all of the ten apartments from 50 to 70 m² can be reached by elevator and get additional terraces and loggias to the courtyard. traditional asset and modern heightening add to each other to anexciting symbiosis. click!

03/18 first studies of project "Bachstraße". this is the way the housing complex in langenstein could look like. because of a building plot with very difficult conditions, we are very satisfied with the appearance of the project. overall 27 flats will brave the floodwater, high voltage lines and drainpipes crossing. three east-west-oriented buildings partly for rental apartments should be constructed the next three years. Infos here.

12/17 the ground-breaking ceremony for the new office-building of KUKA-Robots took place on december, 7th. the new austrian headquarter is to be placed in steyregg, what for the representatives like mayor Johann Würzburger and constructor Franz Hentschläger are very proud of. KUKA, with about 14.000 persons employed and a business volume of 3 billion euros, is one of the key-corporations of industry 4.0.

11/17 bodyshell of house b in amstetten is growing fast! topping-out ceremony took place, so winter is allowed to fall in (preferable after windows have been installed). clients are understandably happy to enjoy the nice views of their roof-terrace. our understanding of this project is to be a good business-card for many other young families who want their homes to get premium-quality-planned! more project informations here.

10/17 topping out ceremony of our project "GallNEUwohnen" in gallneukirchen took place on tuesday, 10th of october. very relaxed atmosphere, not just because of the sold out flats. good planning, good workmanship, good clients - nothing more left to wish for! after the speeches and the traditional jar-breaking, the festivity continued with meals and drinks at the gasthaus riepl. delicious! more project informations here.

09/17 project hasnerstraße in linz is completed and handed over to the new owners. 20 flats are situated on a new built supermarket with large outdoor-spaces like terraces, balconies and gardens. good surroundings with perfect infrastructure and transport connection causing high quality urban living. long time for project development, but finally it payed off. more informations to find here!

08/17 family home in st. georgen an der gusen. a modern building in an excellent location with great views. a little project, which represents our understanding of architecture in an unagitated way. we hope there will be more clients to be satisfied this way in the future. come in and find out more!

07/17 luftenberg was the place to be on july, 13th! even the project haselweg grew up to ground floor, the ceremony of first brick laying took place. an appreciated timeout for construction firms workers just as much for the official representatives like mayoress of luftenberg Hilde Prandner and director of Neue Heimat Oö Mag. Robert Oberleitner. for further informations about the project visit this site!

06/17 development freistadt for a while now we are working on a development in the city of freistadt in upper austria. between wonderful rural surroundings, 30 living units in overall six buildings should arrise in the next years. freistadt is a charming city with best infrastructure and a good new transport connection to the city of linz. so high-quality rural living without abandonment of all urban amenities should be guaranteed!

05/17 bodyshell of haselweg in luftenberg is growing! the construction company is working on the basement garage and the first part with 23 flats of overall 46 apartments. the project is purchased by the companionship of Neue Heimat in Linz which for we have been planning a lot.  hopefully to be continued...for more informations and project details click on the link here!

04/17 Leon207 starts to roar. our new shop, office and living-project in linz´ leonfeldnerstraße is waiting in the wings! hopefully waved through by the advisory board in april, we should be able to get building permission until summer. if sale of units is successful, construction could start in autumn... infos here!

03/17 topping-out ceremony, walding. perfect conditions for the topping-out festivity of a family-home´s heightening in walding. the modern architecture of the timber-structured first floor will be the home for the next generation. for sure they´re looking forward to enjoy the amazing views from the new terrace. congrats from master-builder were rewarded with an excellent feast! click here for project details...

02/17 luxury-flats, linz. the bodyshell of our project in linz´ st. magdalena is growing. especially with fine weather seen on the pictures above the views over the city of linz are amazing! hopefully in a view weeks we can show you some pictures from penthouse-level. absolutely stunning and for sale! more infos here.

01/17 car-dealership wipplinger, steyregg. the Jeep-showroom-extension nearly completed in dezember 2016. planning based on strict rules of action in question of product´s corporate design. annex made in timber-frame-construction very quickly, facades of Aluminium.

12/16 "green-living", katzbach. nearly all flats of our project have just been handed over to their new owners. maybe there can be seen some illuminated christmas-trees through the apartments-window... anyway the completion of the buildings means a good end-of-year 2016. we wish all residents a merry christmas and a happy new year 2017! for detailed informations click here!

11/16 building lots - update. the year 2016 is coming closer to ist end, but some of our projects are still growing very fast. for instance projects "hasnerstraße" and "schatzweg" in linz such as "green living" in katzbach or "landwohnpark gusenfeld NEU" in st. georgen/g. not all of them will be finished this year so that we can look forward to get brand new references in early 2017!

10/16 opening kindergarten, linz. after 10 month construction period kindergarten "breitwieserhof" in linz´ brucknerstraße was ceremonially opened. representatives of the city of linz, owners and developers celebrated the new felicitous home for 5 groups of children. the modernisation of the tavern "breitwieserhof" placed in the same building should not be forgotten to mention... for project click here!

09/16 house "b" in amstetten. this month first drawings for their new home in amstetten (lower austria) were presented to a young family. the process of development together with the clients was actually started and we are looking forward to the final result. in ccoperation with the municipality the building-construction should be startet in spring 2017. so stay tuned and follow the Project here.

08/16 housing & office building, linz. small but very nice project "fabrikstrasse" in linz. 14 flats for investors, one extraordinary penthouse and one small office or shop shall arise in this perfect location. the local recreation area "donaulände" with all its cultural facilities or linz´ inner city-centre - all reachable within walking distance! hopefully the advisory board for city-creation conforms with projects quality! infos here.

07/16 article on homify-magazine. we are very proud of being mentioned in an homify-article! the extraordinary facade of project "heightening Linz" is not only one of our favorites! Those who are able to speak spanish language will have fun reading the article on


06/16 first section of "Bergstraße Nord" completed! in early summer you´ll find some happy new residents in Mauthausen. The first of overall three buildings in the wonderful location of Bergstraße is completed. Five exclusive Apartments with Elevator, parking and terraces with amazing views are handed over. Nice, rural project which should be continued... More Infos here

05/16 festivity of handing over the hire-purchased apartments of "Landwohnpark Gusenfeld NEU" in St. Georgen/G. In presence of the authorities of the project Ing. Johann Schiefermair (Eigenheim Linz), Bmst. Thomas Burger (Hentschläger Immobilien), Erich Wahl (mayor) an official ceremony of handing over the keys to the new inhabitants was Held. Good conclusion of a good project!

04/16 Zaha Hadid 1950-2016. one of our best left the olymp of architecture into higher spheres. She is leaving a phenomenal legacy to all of us and will never be forgotten...

03/16 topping-out ceremony. in march 2016 the topping-out ceremony of project "green living" in Katzbach took place. Owner and constructor Franz Hentschläger spoke to building workers, subcontractors and other involved persons. Schnitzel and chicken-haunches rewarded the hard work of the last few month.

24 apartments will be assigned to property owners in autumn 2016. Project Information

02/16 delivery of property. first quarter 2016 most of the apartments "Gusenfeld" in St. Georgen/G. have been sold and some of them handed over to the new owners. Exciting architecture with gorgeous details. Each of the 22 living units generates high quality of living right in the open country side but close to the center. pleased residents are the best reference for us and our work...   Project Information

12/15 snap-shots of Project "Breitwiesergut" in Linz. A five-group-Kindergarten is built-in while the traditional tavern "Breitwieserhof" is opened! Difficult job for all involved persons. But excellent execution-planning assure quick and save building-construction. Second section with basement-garage, supermarket and 20 living-units on overall six floors starts in february 2016! Take a look into future here!

11/15 1st stage of construction of our residential project "Sonnleiten" in St. Georgen an der Gusen is nearly completed. Four out of overall twelve sunny and bright apartments are sold, and the feedback of the new owners couldn´t be more positive. As soon as the last works will be finished, it will look like we´ve planned it, and we can queue it to our long list of significant references. Details to view here.

10/15 facelift for project "Schatzweg" The luxury flats in St. Magdalena got splitted in two duplex apartments - both able to use large private gardens - and one Penthouse with stunning views over the city of Linz. Better garage-situations and optimized secondary rooms should guarantee high-quality living in one of the prime locations of upper-austrias capital. For further informations click here.

09/15 a new project with overall 46 living units for an upper-austrian housing association has been developed during the summer months. The drawings will be submitted to the advisory board for quality and cost effectiveness in November. A positive evaluation would be a good final for 2015 and a lot of work for 2016! So keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned...   project

07/15 k90 co working and self storage. An office building in Traun will be revitalized in the next view weeks and office spaces transformed into co working and self storage areas. Both business models, operated by Architect DI Johannes Roithner and Partners, are expected to start in autumn 2015!

Any workplaces ore storerooms needed? In case visit www.k90.at and register!

06/15 27 living units ceremonially handed over in Traun. Mag. Robert Oberleitner, director of housing association Neue Heimat Oö, Ing. Herwig Mahr, member of state parliament, mayor Harald Seidl and many other representatives were happy to give the keys to the new tenants and owners. Officials praised the urbanistic planning as a people-friendly architecture and aprofit for the community. project

05/15 housing complex "Hanfpointstraße" in Traun is completed! 27 living units in inner-city prime location are waiting to be handed over to the new residents this month. A long lasting project-development (since 2005!) being brought to an fortunate end. Building constructor, owners and municipality should be proud of new, friendly architcture with high factors of empathy. more

04/15 body Shell "Bergstraße Nord" is completed for the first of three sections. As illustrated in former visualizations the south-views over danube are amazing! Even when facades will be realized in that smart way, the Project should become a figurehead for our office! We´re looking forward to progress of construction and we will keep you up-to-date... Project Infos here.

03/15 Attempt Nr. II The advisory board for city-creation surveyed our project "Sunny Hillside Residence" in Linz. Geometric facades and organic outside facilities demanded, we adapted the project. Tough-minded buildings sitting in naturally-english gardens are the result of intense examination of creating flats with sophisticated quality of living. We think, we´ve managed it! More Infos.

02/15 spring is just around the corner, so the construction works on our builing sites go full speed ahead! Our order situation for 2015 is quite good, therefore we expect an interesting year with plenty of exiting projects. Take a look into future and be inspired maybe for your own, personal project. Order our newsletter to keep informed of our activities through the year!

01/15 "Sunny Hillside Residence" is our brand new project in Linz. 18 wonderful apartments will arise in one of the citys prime locations. Luxurious, high Quality living with breathtaking views will raise the bar for habitation in future.  Generous terraces, spacious gardens and basement garage are self-evident. The plans are up to pass the advisory board for city-creation in february. Good luck for that!

12/14 family home in Leonding is completed! A bungalow first built in the 1960´s drawn by a well-known architect in Linz took a wondrous transformation. First step was the revitalization and reorganization of the basic structure in 2008. Second step for the new owners in 2014 the heightening proceeding the same style in a very cautious way. Very good, successful and unique project!

11/14 "Landwohnpark Gusenfeld NEU" is growing and growing! Drones snapshot reveals the dimension of this project. Mild weather conditions enable a quick progress of construction work. All the more a perfect planning of execution is asked for. We hope this building site is without an accident furthermore and we are looking forward to present you an attractive result! Project site here.

11/14 groundbreaking ceremony "Bergstrasse Nord" was held on November 10th. "Living happiness with distant view" is the project´s marketing slogan. Mayor Thomas Punkenhofer and other representatives were pleased to do the first step in realizing this figurehead with its 15 high quality Units. Completion of first section should be in autumn 2015. For further informations click here!

10/14 "Styrian pearl" the community of Lannach, even known as "Gate to Styria-West", will be the new home for a passionate oenophile and his family. the stylish contemporary house is part of breaking the crusted ideology of building new family homes. After some ardent discussions with community and planning officers the project is now ready for permission! Good luck furthermore!

09/14 "Geistesblitz" completed! one of our largest and most spectacular projects has now been completed. The housing & office building in one of linz´ prime locations grew within 19 month to a well known hotspot in demand. The 30 living and office units are nearly sold out and will be handed over to the new owners during a big festivity. Further Informations here!

08/14 twin-house "Hoher Damm" completed! the Pöstlingberg-railway leads within 10 minutes directly from main-square Linz to this luxury twin-house. Amazing views over the danube-river and classy interiors guarantee high-quality-living. A small, but nice building-project for people who set value on architecture as well as on individuality. click here

08/14 new projects coming up! 13 respectively 14 high-quality apartments will arise in Mauthausen and Gallneukirchen. Best location, stunning views, nice outdoor facilities, south-oriented terraces, basement garage... nearly self-evident for roithner´s architecture! For further information click the following project-links: Bergstraße SÜD, GallNEUWohnen

07/14 Hanfpointstraße in Traun was the place to be on 1st of july. In hot and sunny conditions the topping-out ceremony of section one and the first stone laying for section two were held together. Mag. Robert Oberleitner, director of housing association Neue Heimat Oö, Ing. Herwig Mahr, member of state parliament and many others were proud of the felicitous project! 

06/14 in the middle of nowhere! in june we´re confronted with a task of reconstruction an old farmhouse in Strengberg. The old basic structure should turn into a contemporary weekend cottage in proper style. One third of the building will be demolished and rebuilt. The rest will be reconstructed in a sensitive and authentic way. Different but charming!! click here

05/14 pool season started! just in time for the rising temperatures the great open air pool in Engerwitzdorf launched. Over 100 m3 of well-tempered water are waiting for the family to jump in.

modern technics, whirlpool, waterfall and last but not least large terraces guarantee a maximum of recreation. finished already in 2013 it was a rare but excellent job for us.

04/14 start of construction Landwohnpark Gusenfeld NEU. upper austria´s St. Georgen an der Gusen is the place to be in april 2014. After effective marketing the construction of the first section of overall more than 60 living units could start. When basement garage is built, the body shells should rise quickly. For further information of the project click here.

03/14 completion apartment building in katsdorf. this apartment dwelling with overall 12 living units was built in the heart of Katsdorf from march 2013 to march 2014. Sunny, south oriented housing spaces with splendid views to the green Mühlviertel amended with gardens and generous common spaces are provided to the new residents.

02/14 completion housing-complex in kirchdorf. placed on a plot of the former nursery school of Kirchdorf this housing complex with overall 18 apartments arised. The prospective residents will live in units from 55 to 92 m². Parking in basement and generous outdoor facilities are self-evident. Both devices are functional and of simple elegance. Focusing the sun, the new housing spaces are bright and friendly, located in town centre.

01/14 new year - new office! moving into the new office was our first project in 2014. the brand new building planned in cooperation with zgp architects offers modern, bright working spaces in the centre of linz. best technical presentation options for our clients and surroundings that represent our style and understanding of architecture are evident. the only challenge is to keep concentraded in spite of stunning views to the city.

housing-competition 2013
housing-competition 2013

12/13 oö wohnbaupreis 2013. the non-profit organisation and property owner EGW Heimstätte Gesellschaft m.b.H. takes part of the competition "Oberösterreichischer Wohnbaupreis 2013" issued by Kronen Zeitung. 

Input is the housing complex "Zimmerplatz" in Sankt Georgen an der Gusen with its 46 apartments, completed in 2012.

topping-out ceremony, Katsdorf
topping-out ceremony, Katsdorf

10/13 topping-out ceremony. in september 2013 the topping-out ceremony of project "Südring" in Katsdorf took place. Mayor Ernst Lehner, representatives of municipality and property developer came to celebrate the shell of building.

12 apartments will be assigned to property owners in spring 2014.

09/13 grand opening. after groundbreaking in january with federal minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner now the grand opening of the new police station in the vacinity of Steyregg shopping centre was held.

Police superintendant Andreas Pilsl, OöVP executive director Michael Strugl, representatives of borough, property developer, architect and others came onsite to celebrate the start-up.